Adding to the collection

I have a fascination with tea parties, specifically the fancy tea cups, pots and accessories. But I also love drinking tea and find it quite enjoyable to get dressed up and plan grown up tea parties with friends.

In this section I will post tea-related things, pictures and articles of items as I acquire them or learn more about their history. I simply love Antiques and want to learn more about that. I find it fascinating that this objects have a hidden story carried with them, different items from different times and places.

Yesterday, I went Antiquing with a girl friend and went to a store called Wigget’s in Downtown Coeur d’Alene. That in itself was a fun experience as we were both very distracted by anything that shined or sparkled. She found the old books and comics section and I stared at every tea cup and saucer in the place.

I dare say I found some pretty treasures to add to my collection. So here are some pictures of what I found, to share with you since you couldn’t come Antiquing with us.

1924 gladys crawford set

This is a piece I fell in love with but know nothing about. I loved the uniqueness of the cup. It is handle-less and SUPER iridescent. The three little gold feet add a charming detail. The saucer is a soft green, iridescent also. On the bottom of the saucer is a name “Gladys Crawford” and the date 1924. It couldn’t possibly be that old, could it?

1924 gladys crawfor underside of cup

Here is a set I created. I found two different pieces and even though they were not meant to match, I think this will work pretty well together.limoges saucer

The saucer has an intricate and dainty pattern around the edge, it was made in Limoges, France. england bone china unmarked

The cup is ivory with a swirl shape and a golden leaf pattern on the inner rim. It’s genuine bone china from England but has no maker’s mark.

Looking forward to using these for my next tea party.